Let the packing commence! I have a love hate relationship when it comes to packing for any vacation. Do you ever get to your destination and think “oh SHIT! I left that.” or “I wish I would have bought ****.” Ya… Well me too. A little too often than I like to admit. Here are some items you NEED to have on you, when visiting to Vegas. Especially during summer time. 

These are items you probably don’t think of or forget about often. I can’t even tell you how many outfit malfunctions I have encountered. Last trip to Vegas I gambled for the first time in my life. {Yes I’m 28 and never gambled.} There was this one machine called Deal or No Deal. I loved watching the show and figured why not! Anyways, if you have never gambled before in Vegas be prepared that they are constantly bringing you free drinks. So a few rounds later and made a couple bucks, the buzz started to kick in. It was my last round playing before I called it a night, and I KNEW I had the winning case {don’t we all}.

It came to pick “deal” or “no deal” with the last two cases standing, my pick and the computer. As I went to hit “no deal” my husband thought I was being crazy and hit the “deal” button before I could react {thanks booze}. I screamed “NOOOO” and then they opened my results. Sure enough I had the winning case and I lucked out on a couple thousands dollars. My husband was laughing but I was not thrilled in the slightest. I stormed off and he followed me back to our room. Our hotel was down the strip {somehow I found my way back}. After cooling off over a silly game I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and get ready for bed.

When I looked into the mirror I felt this total embarrassment come across my face. My strapless bra slipped down and malfunctioned to the point where one of my boobs were exposed. Who knows how long I was walking around like that before we got to our hotel room. When I asked my husband why he didn’t tell me, he claims I stormed off so fast he didn’t even notice…

Lesson learned!

1) don’t gamble and drink too much

2) have better support for the ‘ladies’ and

3) don’t forget to check your outfit before exposing yourself to the public.

So here’s my list what what every girl needs when vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

#1 Pasties & Tape. If you read the story above, trust me you NEED this.

#2 Poo-Pourri. I know I’m married but ladies everyone has to poop. That doesn’t mean we need to be embarrassed by it. I swear by this and it really does prevent smell.

#3 Earplugs. For whatever reason my husband tends to snore when we sleep in hotels. I need my sleep!

#4 Ibuprofen. It’s Vegas. Even if you don’t drink it is always a good idea to have. The crowds, heat, etc. always give me a headache.

#5 Electrolyte Replenisher. Keep those electrolytes up and stay hydrated!

#6 Sunscreen. This is seems obvious but yet I forget it all the time. No need to get fried in the Vegas heat.




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