You know it’s been a hard day when your husband shows up from work with a {large} bottle of wine and baby butt cream…


Sunday can’t come soon enough for me. Don’t get me wrong I love my two little monsters than life itself, BUT they are driving me insane lately. I’m definitely a hands-on mom when it comes to my kids. Even for date nights I get a little panic in me and am constantly worrying about them. It’s not even like they are in bad hands either (they always stay with my in laws). This is going to sound SO pathetic but I am afraid they will think we are abandoning them or they will forget about me. Crazy thinking, I know…

My husband is an accountant and this last tax season took a toll on our family. Olivia is now 4 years old with a lot of emotions and questions. Only dilemma is that she doesn’t fully understand the concept of working. After a lot of tears, I started to notice the affect it was having on Blake. He felt guilty every time he left for work and depression seemed to have taken over by then end of tax season. To sum up the past few months, we decided that we needed an adult getaway. Alone time, some R&R, and honestly taking a break from parenthood.

Parents that don’t spend alone time with their spouse or take time for themselves are flat out unhealthy mentally. I understand we are very blessed that we have family to help and not everyone would want to or afford a sitter to come in.

I get it…

But here is where I am coming from…

Being a mom is HARD. Of course I love being a stay at home mom, and obviously has a ton of plus sides, but it is extremely exhausting mentally. I’ve noticed lately my patience is running more and more thin. What benefit of me snapping all the time have on my kids? None at all. Plus you NEED TO DATE YOUR SPOUSE! We have been married for almost 10 years now and I get questioned all the time for advice on how to keep a strong marriage. When you become a parent or even married for a while you start to forget how it all started. I really truly believe that if you don’t have alone time with your spouse at least once a month, that foundation you started on will slowly start falling apart.

So, back in April we decided to plan a 3 night stay in Viva Las Vegas, NV. Three whole nights! Eating when I want, doing what I want, Showering… Heck even shitting alone. It’s the simple things after you become a parent. We’ve traveled to Vegas before alone but we were always on a very tight budget and normally only for a night. Unless we are visiting my family that lives out there with the kids. We’ve always wanted to hit some popular bars and restaurants but again, we would have to pick one big place to go.

Not this time around! This time around we are way more financially secured and we are going out in a bang! Starting today I am starting to do my shopping for outfits, we booked a couple adventures, and also, now, researching which hot commodity restaurants and bars we want to explore. What a way to start off my new blog?! Welcome to the Vegas Series! To keep up and/or pointers, I will be having this series under Lifestyle; Vacation Getaways.




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  1. It’s wonderful that your getting some grown up time in Las Vegas. I have traveled there in the past aND it’s a great escape. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

    1. Do you have any recommendations on restaurants? We like pretty much anything but want something amazing 😉

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